Some of my friends and colleagues are now convinced that this site will be around for a while, so here are a few other sites that you may find useful, or indeed entertaining.

On the theory that most potential contacts are about finding information by another route, for books and magazines you'll need some or all of these:-

The Aviation and Military Book Centre; if you're sensitive you can always ignore the allusion to targets, and check Wendy Myers' site at Of course by going online you'll miss the purple shirt, but you can always track that down at a selection of air and models shows through the year.

The Aviation Bookshop has sucessfully survived its transplant to Tunbridge Wells, and Simon and Justin can be found at as well as at being live at various shows; and there's a suggestion that they might become a Grumpy Old Bookshop.

For magazines, you sometimes need to feed through their publishers' sites to find the editor of your choice.

Scale Aircraft Modelling is on And you'll surely know by now that the Guideline name came about because it was SAM 2.

Model Aircraft Monthly and Scale Aircraft Modeller are both bold enough to put their editors' e-mail addresses on their "flannel panels", so if you want to challenge Neil Robinson (aka the Barnsley Blogger) - and who doesn't? - you can do that at And if you have a really bad pun for Gary Hatcher - though he's probably heard most of them, or indeed made them up - try The overall site is

It's more than forty years since I joined the International Plastic Modellers Society, and to my mind it's still the best way to meet other modellers (followed faily closely by hanging nonchalently around the counter at Hannants London). Their principal site for the UK is, and of course there are many offshoots; if you share my liking for the nearly-aircraft, I'll put the "What If/" Special Interest Group address here shortly. The IPMS site has a very useful links page itself, including one to IPMS/USA.

Two more links for now; apart from the "New Arrivals" and "Future Releases" sections of the Hannants site, which you will of course already have bookmarked, my most frequent selection is almost certaily that of Anigrand Craftswork at to see what new resin kits of unusual or rare, or sometimes just projected, aircraft are planned or with luck en route from Hong Kong.

And on the basis of my childhood habit of always keeping the marzipan and icing bit of the cake until last, I am an enormous admirer of the work od Sera and Tim Staples at Diverse Images; to my mind they produce just the best replicas available, and if you saw my recent comments on their Martin-Baker MB.5 you'll know what I think of them. Their research is as integral to their models as their superb production standards; their output is considerable, and a visit to their website on will reveal the range of their considerable output, and could well tempt you to start fattening your piggy-bank!

When I started this site, one of the first responses was from Geoff Coughlin, one of the many really good modellers that I've known through IPMS and who I usually see at Telford, offering me a link to his website. Having looked at it again recently, and now convinced that we're here to stay, if you want to see some seriously expert modelling go to and marvel.

An old friend who's been modelling since time immemorial, and who regularly appears at model shows, is Ted Taylor; he and his models can also be found at his recently reorganised website Even his trucks are beautiful!

One the book page I've recently featured Shipbusters, the book on Mosquito anti-shipping operations from Mushroom Model Publications. Masterminded at this end of the Anglo-Polish link by Roger Wallsgrove, another whose been around modelling and IPMS for longer than either of need to count, theirs is an excellent range of books on niche subjects which benefrit the aviation historian as much as the modeller, and you should consult their website




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